How to Overpower Anger

If we have anger towards someone it will hurt us more than the subject of our anger. We all humans feel anger towards someone for one reason or the other. In fact we also keep angering other people frequently. However, a good way to tackle anger is to let go of it.

You can try to rationalize your anger and forgive the person. Or if it’s not possible then you can maintain a distance from the person so that you don’t feel anger in future. One good way to get rid of your anger is to write down all your angry feelings on a piece of paper, and then tear it. It works for many people. This is also a reason why so many people love to blog. It unburdens them of their feelings and emotions and they feel light and happy. If you don’t express your anger and keep it in your heart for a long time then it will make you feel miserable. Anger is like acid. Get it out of your heart and mind. Your mind deserves better things.

Consider the big picture

Once you realize that the cause of your anger is very small in the overall scheme of things you will realize it’s not worth it. The reality is that the world is full of things we can’t control. We should not feel angry about them.

Take slow, deep breath to relax

If you are feeling angry then try to relax. It will make you feel good and you will feel less stressed out. If we just delay our anger for few minutes we will feel no need to get angry.

Try to understand why you are angry

Just by understanding the reason behind your anger you can become less angry. Once you understand it you can remove the reason, and thus anger.

It’s a fact that many times we fail to realize the reason behind our anger. Many times the reason is complex and we feel we can’t understand it. However, if you think about the reason with the peace of mind you will be able to find it.


It’s a fact that just by smiling you can change your mood. If you are feeling angry, just smile. It will dramatically alter your mood and you will begin to have positive thoughts in your mind.

This is surprising but true that by just changing our facial expression we can change our mood. For example, if you make an angry face you will begin to get angry and have negative thoughts. On the other hand if you make a surprised face then all things related to the feeling of surprise will begin to come to your mind. Take advantage of this natural fact. Just give a broad smile when you feel angry.